Milan Lucic Arrested for domestic violence: NHL star strangled his wife

This case shocked the American public, because the player on the ice did not show aggressiveness often

by Sededin Dedovic
Milan Lucic Arrested for domestic violence: NHL star strangled his wife
© Maddie Meyer / Getty Images

Prominent Canadian hockey player Milan Lucic (35) was arrested in Boston, where he play for the renowned Bruins franchise starting this summer. Early Saturday morning, police detained the renowned hockey player for domestic violence, and he appeared in court a few days later to face charges filed by his wife.

According to American and Canadian media outlets, Milan Lucic physically assaulted his wife, who promptly informed the police about the incident that occurred at their home. In addition to the claim that Lucic "assaulted and strangled" his wife, American media also obtained information that the renowned athlete was intoxicated at the time, as was reported to journalists by witnesses of the domestic violence, which has been a topic of discussion among hockey and NHL fans in recent days.

Lucic's trainer Jim Montgomery did not want to comment on the case

The club declined to elaborate on the charges filed against one of its most popular players, but they did confirm that they are in contact with the family to assist in Milan Lucic's legal defense.

Additionally, coach Jim Montgomery refrained from discussing the case itself, instead emphasizing the team's focus on its upcoming match and the importance of mutual support within the organization. It remains unclear what this specifically means for Milan Lucic, who is currently facing domestic violence accusations.

Lucic has not played for the Boston Bruins since October 21 due to injury, but his reputation in the world's most competitive hockey league has remained intact until now. Since being selected as the 50th overall pick in the 2006 draft, Lucic has played over 1,000 NHL games for the Boston Bruins, Los Angeles Kings, Edmonton Oilers, and Calgary Flames.

He won the Stanley Cup with the Boston Bruins in 2011 and the World Championship with the Canadian national team in May 2023. As a reminder, Lucic was born in Vancouver to Serbian parents. He is one of the best nhl players ever.