The Buffalo Sabres clinched a 3-2 victory against the Chicago Blackhawks


The Buffalo Sabres clinched a 3-2 victory against the Chicago Blackhawks
The Buffalo Sabres clinched a 3-2 victory against the Chicago Blackhawks © Joshua Bessex / Getty Images Sport

The Buffalo Sabers won 3-2 vs the Chicago Blackhawks. Rasmus Dahlin surprised the fans and teammates by scoring a goal and having two assists. Dahlin commented on his team's performance after the match. Although this was a difficult victory, the most important thing for him was that they succeeded in their goal.

This will be an important lesson for them in the future. “We found a way to win,” Dahlin said, as quoted by NHL. “It wasn’t pretty, but we found a way to win. That’s what I take away from this game.

We had a lot of chances, actually. It was a lot to learn today, but we found a way to win”. Buffalo coach Don Granato is delighted as his team gave the maximum. Although they made many mistakes, Granato believes that the most important thing is that they achieved victory.

Having a player like Dahlin on the team is certainly a relief. “I liked the battle and the commit to the end result,” -Don Granato said. “I felt a lot of guys had some heavy legs. They weren’t skating as well as they would.

We complicated some things, but we fought hard all the way, obviously, to the end. I felt Dahlin was a major, major component, both defensively and obviously offensively with a goal and two assists. What a game by him”.

Luke Richardson on his team

Chicago coach Luke Richardson had no reason to be satisfied. His team lacked energy throughout the match. Then when you don't have consistency in your game, the opposing team will surely punish it.

For him, the most important thing is that they remain positive despite everything. The combination of young and experienced is a good recipe for the future. “Yeah, it gets heavy on everybody,” -Luke Richardson said.

“I didn’t really like our first period. I thought we just didn’t have a lot of energy. With the first shift in the second period, we played like we should have. We played fast, we played physical, and got us some power-play time out of that and I think it got us going a little bit.

But you know what? We’re going into the third period a lot these days tied, and we don’t come out on top. … There’s lots of young guys, but there’s some really good veteran leaders that are talking and saying the right things for these guys to stay up and stay positive.

Because the only way we’re getting out of it is for the group in there themselves to get us out of there by winning one”.

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