St. Louis Blues won 3-1 vs Anaheim Ducks: Interesting reactions


St. Louis Blues won 3-1 vs Anaheim Ducks: Interesting reactions
St. Louis Blues won 3-1 vs Anaheim Ducks: Interesting reactions © Ronald Martinez / Getty Images Sport

St. Louis Blues won 3-1 vs Anaheim Ducks. Jake Neighbors was one of the better individuals in the match, and he also scored one goal. Neighbors emphasized that his team had to do everything they could to achieve victory. In an atmosphere where each individual gives their maximum, presses, and fights, you will have a great chance to win.

"With the back-to-back, we had a chance to get some sleep, come out and fix things, and I thought we did that," Neighbours said, as quoted by NHL. "We're not a team that's going to win hockey games if we're not outworking the opponent.

We're at our best when we're skating, forechecking, backchecking and applying pressure." Anaheim coach Greg Cronin is disappointed with his team's performance. Although he encouraged many times how dangerous the opponent is, it was as if his team did not understand the seriousness of these words.

There was a lack of energy.
"I didn't see a lot of energy. That surprised me," Anaheim coach Greg Cronin said. "I thought they'd be flying and there wasn't a lot of energy."

Alex Killorn and his view

Killorn emphasized that his team has many things to work on.

Playing like this and expecting positive results is difficult. There are many aspects of the game that will require effort and dedication. "We've got to find ways to create more offense. I don't think we've been doing enough. Guys, in the end, start turning it over a little bit too much, too.

Trying to create something because we haven't been creating enough. I forced one in the first period, in the defensive zone, that put us down 1-0. That was on me. We've just got to find ways to get pucks to the net. You look at one of their goals, where it's just kind of a rebound that hits off of a guy’s skate. There's three guys down at the net. We've got to win those battles in front of the net like that."

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