Max Domi is not afraid of the situation

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Max Domi is not afraid of the situation

Max Domi will play for the Montreal Canadiens even though he is at risk because he already has diabetes type 1. "This is my decision. I'm not telling other Type 1 diabetics just to follow my lead here. I think everyone's got to make their own decision based on their own experience and what them and their family come to."

"But for me, it was a decision that I thought long and hard about, obviously weighed every option, and I'm here now and super happy to be here and can't wait to get started." Domi believes that the corona can worsen his condition, but that he regularly monitors his blood sugar and controls it.

"I'd like to think I've got pretty good control over my blood sugars, and that helps," Domi said. "That being said, there's no data saying that if you have good control if you don't" "Obviously it will affect it more in one way or another, but there's no way of really knowing.

You're guessing at that point. Personally, all I can do is just make sure I'm doing everything on my end to keep my blood sugars very stable." ​

Upon their return, 12 teams from the Eastern Conference will play in Toronto, while 12 teams from the Western Conference will play in Edmonton.​

"The way they've handled this and how safe it is is really incredible.

They're doing everything they possibly can, and there really is no safer place to be." "I'm super confident that they're doing everything on their end, and we've just got to do everything on our end with all the little things like wearing masks and whatnot and staying as clean as possible and following all the rules and guidelines put in place for a reason."

It is not easy to train after so much time, but he is still satisfied with his progress "Super excited, and just trying to get better day by day here and hopefully be good by the end of the week and definitely ready for Game 1," he said.

"The risk that he's taking is obviously different, and it means a lot to me personally and the guys in the room that he's here doing it with us even with that risk," Ben Chiarot, Canadian defenceman said.

"That's not an easy decision for him or his family to make, and I'm happy that he's here. He's a well-liked guy in the room, and he's an important part of our team."