Jeremy Swayman and his 35 saves: Great performance


Jeremy Swayman and his 35 saves: Great performance
Jeremy Swayman and his 35 saves: Great performance © Maddie Meyer / Getty Images Sport

Jeremy Swayman put on a remarkable performance, making 35 saves to secure a 3-2 victory for the Boston Bruins over the Dallas Stars. Swayman emphasized that his performance was the result of many things. He worked hard, gave his best, and showed that he is a really great goalie "I think [my performance] was a culmination of all the games," Swayman said.

"A lot of these teams have great identities of funneling pucks to the net. Obviously tips, got to work on those. Two tip goals is frustrating, so I want to make sure I get on top of that when I get back to Boston. It’s one game at a time.

That’s all I really care about, and the experiences is what makes me better and allows me to make those saves."

Jim Montgomery

Boston coach Jim Montgomery is happy about the two goals of the rookies. Jim had a tactic to start aggressively and offensively from the very beginning.

He got into it. The match was not easy at all. Nevertheless, his team remained resolute, giving their all, and ultimately reaping the rewards for their hard work. "Two goals from rookies and the fourth line. It was really important.

We really wanted to jump on them early, and we were able to do that. Then they got a big push last seven minutes of the first and the second. I thought in the last five minutes of the second and the third, we played well with a lead."-Boston coach Jim Montgomery said.

Wyatt Johnston was the scorer of one of the goals. He is happy for his team's fight to get back into the match. He believes that this can be a great example of never giving up. "I think we’ve kind of seen in my one year and 10 games now that we’re never out of the game," Johnston said.

"We can come back in any game, but obviously you don’t want to be in that situation. You want to be playing with that two-goal lead in the third period." Source: NHL