Adam Johnson's family demands justice from those investigating the boy's death


Adam Johnson's family demands justice from those investigating the boy's death
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Following the tragic death of Nottingham Panthers' Adam Johnson who died last Saturday after suffering a serious cut to his neck caused by Matt Petgrave's skate during the game against the Sheffield Steelers, UK hockey players will have to wear a protective collar.

Players in the UK can play without neck protection once they turn 18 and Johnson had none on when his throat was fatally slashed. Matt Petgrave has not yet spoken publicly, but sources close to the player have made it known that he is devastated and that he has received numerous threats and insults online, which is why he has been forced to close all his social networks.

After receiving emergency medical attention, Johnson was taken to Sheffield's Northern General Hospital, but later died from his injuries.

Adam Johnson's family demands justice

Adam's aunt Kari Johnson, who was watching the match in the United States via live streaming, released sensational updates on the dynamics of the boy's death: "We saw it live, it was horrible.

I can't even describe it because no one should have to go through that that we saw. The skate cut Adam's trachea and severed his carotid artery. At one point they lost him in the ambulance and brought him back. He didn't make it through surgery once he was taken to hospital.

They just couldn't stop the bleeding. He lost too much blood. We absolutely demand a full investigation. You can't kick someone and cut their throat. My nephew was over six feet tall, you lose the balance or not, to have that leg raised that high and make a kicking motion like he did, is just unacceptable.

It was just pointless, no one touched him. I'm sure Mr. Petgrave probably didn't even think about the consequences that would be could have come from something like that, but there comes a time when you have to understand that that's not hockey.

And I'm sure he's going through a lot too, but he got our boy. Some of us in the family think it was a totally unnecessary, very, very bad thing to do. I just want them to do it right. It won't bring my grandson back. If they conclude the opposite of what I feel, I will have to accept it.

But I always thought it was very thoughtless and unnecessary. He took a life. I don't want to see it for someone else."