Vancouver Canucks won 5-0 vs St. Louis Blues: Players' reactions


Vancouver Canucks won 5-0 vs St. Louis Blues: Players' reactions
Vancouver Canucks won 5-0 vs St. Louis Blues: Players' reactions © Mike Ehrmann / Getty Images Sport

Vancouver Canucks won 5-0 vs St. Louis Blues. Thatcher Demko impressed everyone with 22 saves. He always dreamed of playing such a match, and now his dream has come true. This will certainly be a great motivation for him to continue at the same pace for the rest of the season.

"It's probably one of the better starts I've seen us have in my career,” Demko said. "I'm really proud of that effort in the first. Coming back home, we wanted to make sure we established home ice … try to build that culture at home the rest of the year." St.

Louis captain Brayden Schenn knows that losing is part of the game. However, he believes that they should not have lost in such a way. Consistency is obviously a huge problem for his team. The team will have to work on it in the coming period.

“You're going to lose hockey games, but you can't be losing them like that. You're not even giving yourself a chance. We have to clean that up and we can't be 'A' game and then 'D' game. … We’ve got lots to work on and obviously, being consistent is one”.

Quinn Hughes

Quinn Hughes scored twice. His confidence is at its peak. “I'm just trying to shoot it more. I feel a lot more dangerous than I have in the past”. - Hughes said. J.T. Miller is happy for his teammate. He is aware that his good performances are needed by the team.

"It’s nice to see him fill the net,. He's worked on shooting pucks and getting pucks through [to] the net. He's a threat pretty much all the time. We're lucky he's on our side”. - Miller said. Blues coach Craig Berube cannot be satisfied with the performance of his team.

His team did not do what he asked of them. “I knew it was going to be a tough game, we all did. They're rested here at home and waiting for us, but that's not us. We didn't play our game here tonight and it's hard to find anybody out there you liked”.

- Craig Berube said.

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