Colorado's Incredible Streak Ended, Pittsburgh Penguins Win 4-0


Colorado's Incredible Streak Ended, Pittsburgh Penguins Win 4-0
Colorado's Incredible Streak Ended, Pittsburgh Penguins Win 4-0 © Bruce Bennett / Getty Images

Colorado's impressive streak of victories on away ice in the NHL has met its end. The formidable Avalanche found their momentum halted by the Pittsburgh Penguins, who secured a decisive 4-0 victory. Prior to this encounter, the guests from Denver had arrived in Pennsylvania boasting an outstanding record of 15 consecutive away wins, a feat that had garnered them much attention and acclaim.

Yet, they faced formidable opponents in the form of the Pittsburgh Penguins, one of the league's most renowned teams, and ultimately, they were unable to maintain their winning streak. The game witnessed a flurry of goals, with Riley Smith making a powerful start for Colorado, netting two goals in the first period.

Jacob Eller added to the lead in the second period, bringing the score to 3-0, before the seasoned veteran Sidney Crosby delivered the final blow, cementing Pittsburgh's 4-0 victory.

The only team to maintain a perfect record at this stage of the season is the Vegas Golden Knights

Meanwhile, on another front, the Boston Bruins, who had enjoyed a flawless start to their season, faced their first defeat.

In a closely contested match against the Anaheim Ducks, the Bruins were defeated 4-3 in overtime. Despite leading 3-1 at the end of the second period, the visitors' aspirations were dashed. Gudas opened the scoring for the Ducks, but Boston, fueled by Coyle, Grzelcyk, and Pastrnak, managed to take the lead.

In the dying moments of regulation, Carlson and Terry struck back for the Ducks, forcing the game into overtime. In this extended period, McTevish emerged as the hero, securing the victory for Anaheim. The Vegas Golden Knights stand out as the sole team to uphold a spotless record in the current season, having secured victory in all seven of their matches.

Their remarkable and unwavering performance has propelled them to the very top of the league standings, garnering admiration and accolades from fans and pundits alike. This exceptional run firmly establishes the Golden Knights as a dominant and formidable presence in the popular NHL, making them a team to watch as the season progresses.

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