Connor Bedard impresses many: The reaction of the coach and teammates


Connor Bedard impresses many: The reaction of the coach and teammates
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Connor Bedard had an impressive debut in his team, the Chicago Blackhawks, securing a 4-2 victory against the Pittsburgh Penguins. Bedard demonstrated his excellence by generating numerous scoring opportunities. Despite not yet finding the back of the net, Bedard is determined to maintain his current performance level and showcase his skills in the upcoming period.

“Yeah, just trying to find the open guy, and I think we almost had a couple there,” Bedard said, as quoted by NHL! “Felt like I created a good amount of chances for myself and a couple for others. Of course, I’m having a tough time putting it in the net these past four or five games (he scored one empty-net goal in four preseason games), but hopefully that comes.

For me, it’s just trying to create, and if I’m creating, you feel good”.

Luke Richardson

Blackhawks coach Luke Richardson is thoroughly pleased with the performance of this young talent, Connor Bedard. His creativity is the standout feature that draws the most attention.

Many goals have originated from Connor, who, despite being just 18 years old, displays remarkable maturity. The Blackhawks are fortunate to have such a promising player on their roster.
“He’s so dangerous, and even climbing high in the O-zone on the Donato goal, the first goal, he was so dangerous the whole shift.

People gravitate to him defensively and let Vlasic walk down freely, get a good shot and Donato just worked his butt off as he always does in the crease and got the goal. It starts with Connor really moving and being creative, and it got us going there”.

- Blackhawks coach Luke Richardson said. Forward Jason Dickinson responded to a reporter's question; What impresses him the most about Bedard? “A lot. He’s a very mature kid for his age. There's a ton of pressure that's been put on him.

It doesn't seem to faze him, doesn't seem to even hit him. I heard him talk about it the other day. I thought he had a great response. He said, ‘I'm just playing the game I love.’ The noise is all of you guys, really. So that's all he's doing. He's just playing hockey. That's all he knows and that's all he wants to do."

Connor Bedard