Brandon Sutter retires: The Oilers made it easy for him


Brandon Sutter retires: The Oilers made it easy for him
Brandon Sutter retires: The Oilers made it easy for him © Rich Lam / Getty Images Sport

Brandon Sutter has decided to retire after 13 years of a great career and many great memories. It was not difficult for Sutter to make this decision considering that the Edmonton Oilers released him from the 'professional tryout'

Hurricanes, Pittsburgh Penguins and Vancouver Canucks were the clubs where Sutter left a big mark and showed how great a player he is. However, we haven't seen Sutter on the big stage for two years due to complications from COVID.

Unfortunately, Sutter knew that his only option was to end his career and devote himself to other things. Brandon did not forget to thank all those who were a huge support for him in the previous few weeks, especially the Oilers organization.

The fact that he is still not fully fit influenced his decision. Sutter is happy that his health continues to improve, but he still can't give his maximum. “I’m grateful for the opportunity that Ken (Holland), Jay (Woodcroft) and the Oilers organization have provided to me the past few weeks.

You need to be 100 percent healthy to compete in the NHL, and although my health continues to improve, in consideration of my health and family, I am officially retiring from hockey."- he said, as quoted by!

Brandon Sutter

Sutter has met many faces in his career; from players, coaches, management, etc..

All of them had a certain influence on his career. Sutter thanked them for all the support he had during his career and now. This experienced NHL player will now have the opportunity to turn a completely new page in his life, and who knows, maybe continue his career in the 'world of hockey' in another role.

Sutter is looking forward to the future and new challenges. “Thank you to the Oilers, Canucks, Penguins and Hurricanes, as well as all my past coaches, trainers and teammates for the incredible experiences throughout my 13 seasons in the NHL”.