Cory Schneider retires from NHL


Cory Schneider retires from NHL
Cory Schneider retires from NHL © Bruce Bennett / Getty Images Sport

Cory Schneider said goodbye to the NHL after a fantastic 14 seasons in this competition. The 37-year-old goalie is satisfied with his career and the level he is currently at. He gave a lot in his career, but he realized that now was the right moment to end it.

“I’m content,” Schneider told! “I’m satisfied with kind of pushing it as far as I could and kind of leaving on my own terms. I don’t think many athletes do get to leave on their terms, so I know that’s not very common.

But I think for me, seeing that I could still play at a high level and being proud of that and the fact that I felt good about myself is a better way to go out there than maybe leaving after that COVID year (2019-20)”.

Cory Schneider on his career

Schneider had the opportunity to play with the greatest of this sport and leave a big mark. Even as a boy, he dreamed of one day 'dancing' on the big stage with "famous" faces. His dream came true.

When he looks back on his career, Cory can understand how many great things he managed to do. “I know that’s been dissected a bunch playing behind Roberto and Marty, but at the end of the day, not many people get to work with people they had posters of on their wall as kids.

I kind of a look at it as a wonderful opportunity to see the best of the best in the world do what they do up close and personal and develop relationships and friendships with them." Things weren't always ideal for Cory, but whose career is? There are many experiences and challenges during your career.

The most important thing is to remain the same person as at the beginning and strive to become the best version of yourself. Schneider always was like that! “In terms of my career timing-wise, it probably wasn’t ideal, but you don’t really get to pick and choose how your path is going to go and that was my path and I tried to learn all I could from those guys because they’re two of the greatest of all-time for a reason and we should all be so lucky to work with people like that in our professional careers whatever you do”.