Elias Lindholm is ready to sign a new contract with the Calgary Flames

"I love Canada as a country and Calgary as a city."

by Sead Dedovic
Elias Lindholm is ready to sign a new contract with the Calgary Flames
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Elias Lindholm is ready to extend his contract with the Calgary Flames. Lidnholm is an important player of this team, and everyone is aware of how much the contract extension will mean. Obviously, there are still some details to be resolved, and to officially confirm the extension of cooperation.

"I've been pretty clear, I'm willing to stay," he said, as quoted by NHL.com! "We've got to work it out. Right now I'm focusing on the season and the rest will take care of itself." Lindholm emphasized that he has been happy with everyone's reaction since the first day.

The fans, teammates, and staff were great to him. This is probably the main reason why he wants to stay. "I love it here," Lindholm said. "I love Canada as a country and Calgary as a city. Ever since I've got here it's been great, fans have been good, everyone's treated me well, great teammates.

So far so good."

Craig Conroy

Flames general manager Craig Conroy is optimistic that things related to the contract will be resolved quickly, and that he will confirm that the deal is complete. The most important thing for them is that Lindholm wants to stay and show loyalty to the team.

Although the fans are impatient and hope that the matter will be resolved soon, it is obvious that at this moment they need faith in the team and patience. "We're just talking to him and talking to his representation and just moving forward," he said.

"Everybody wants something to be quick, but it's just been a slow process. We're going to continue to work at it. He's open to it. Now it's just a negotiation. It never goes quite as quickly as everyone would like. We're just in that process.

The one good thing is these are all good guys, they're all happy to be here, there's no issues with that. That's the one thing. They're not saying, 'Hey, I'm not coming to camp,' or 'I'm unhappy.' With Elias, we're working on a deal. That's where it is. Can we get something worked out? That's really the main focus right now."

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