Miro Heiskanen: I want to be the best defenseman in the NHL

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Miro Heiskanen: I want to be the best defenseman in the NHL
Miro Heiskanen: I want to be the best defenseman in the NHL © Steph Chambers / Getty Images Sport

Miro Heiskanen amazes many year after year. From the first day of his career, Heiskanen showed what a talent he is. The Finn has always aimed for the biggest goals, and his next goal is to win the Norris Trophy. "That's one thing I really want to win.

I want to be the best defenseman in the NHL."- he said as quoted by NHL.com! Last season, Heiskanen was seventh in the Norris voting. This is what motivates him to do better in the next season. "I kind of knew that it is there, that I can score more points and be more involved offensively.I think I was able to put it all together.

It didn't take away the defense by playing more offense."

Deboer on Norris

Stars coach Peter DeBoer is sure that Heiskanen currently has no competition and that he is the best defenseman in the league. Norris will have the opportunity to show that and fulfill everyone's expectations.

Right now, he can be happy considering that the coach is delighted with him. "The Norris is the best defenseman in the League, not just the highest-scoring defenseman in the League. He gets the toughest assignments every night shutting down the best players on the other team, killing penalties, on with a disadvantage 5-on-6 late in games, blocking shots.

I think all those things should go into that bucket when you're picking that guy. I think Miro checks boxes in all those areas. "-DeBoer said. His primary goal is to help the team achieve its goals. However, individual rewards are also something that gives you a huge motivation to continue.

"It's the thing I want to win, but I don't think about it too much during the season," Heiskanen said. "It's like I always say, I try to help my team win the Stanley Cup, but if there is a chance to win the Norris Trophy as well that would be great. Hopefully next year."