Rodion Amirov dies at the age of 21


Rodion Amirov dies at the age of 21

Rodion Amirov, a prospect for the Toronto Maple Leafs who was a forward, passed away on Monday due to a brain tumor. He was 21. As a result of his death, many people were shocked. A number of condolence messages followed, and Maple Leafs president Brendan Shanahan was particularly saddened by the news.

Shanahan emphasized that Amirov was a great potential, a man with a smiling face, who promised a lot.
"The entire Maple Leafs organization is devastated by this tragic loss,"- Brendan Shanahan said, as quoted by "Over the duration of his courageous battle, Rodion's positivity inspired everyone around him, and he made lasting impressions with our team and fans in his brief visits to Toronto.

It's incredibly sad to see a young man with so much promise taken from us so soon. We offer our deepest condolences to Rodion's family and friends as we mourn this loss together."

Sheldon Keefe and his reaction

Toronto coach Sheldon Keefe emphasized how proud he is of him.

Despite his diagnosis, Amirov continued to fight and give his best. Regardless of all the adversities in life, he did not want to give up. "It hits a little bit differently with our connection with Rodion Amirov and his fight that he's in," Toronto coach Sheldon Keefe said.

"You talk about competing, here's a guy who has been through four rounds of chemo to be here and still a big smile on his face in the facility every single day." Maple Leafs goalie Ilya Samsonov spoke about Amirov and his positivity a few months ago.

Indeed, he was a player whom everyone loved, and he left positive impressions on everyone around him. "I am really appreciative of meeting with him," Ilya Samsonov said. "He's an awesome guy, he's so positive. When he's come, he's brought a lot of positive to our team.

He's tried to speak with all our teammates to say, 'Hi, how are you?' His English [is] not so great but he's tried talking with everybody."

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