Patric Hornqvist retires from NHL

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Patric Hornqvist retires from NHL
Patric Hornqvist retires from NHL

Patric Hornqvist, a great NHL player, has decided to end his career and go into a well-deserved retirement. The decision was not easy considering that Patric has been part of the NHL scene for many years. However, now he wants to enjoy the new chapter of his life and dedicate himself to some other things.

"I've been in this bubble since I started to play as a kid, hockey has been a huge part of my life so of course it's a difficult decision to make," Hornqvist said. "It will be a big transition, but it feels good now, I'm looking forward to the rest of my life.

It's the most important thing." He had a second concussion in December, because of which he did not play the rest of the season. Hornqvist did not want to risk additional injuries. "I'm feeling fine now and hopefully I have many fine years ahead of me,and with my history of injuries I don't want to risk any future harm."

Florida coach Paul Maurice on Patric Hornqvist

Florida coach Paul Maurice had only words of praise for Hornqvist who always gave his best.

He was one of the main motivators in the celebration room, and he gave extra strength to his team. "Patric Hornqvist is a great story for us. He is a hard-driving, fit man. He would be very similar in Carolina to (coach Rod) Brind'Amour.

He's in that gym. And now it's over for him, but he stayed, and when we have injured players, he skates them, he drives them. You've got to keep up with Patric if you think you're ready to play, which is no easy task." His career was marked by many successes and several trophies.

There are also some trophies that he values more than others. As a hockey player, Hornqvist made a huge impact. He has the right to look forward to what comes next. "Looking back, it's great to think that I have two rings and a gold medal from [the 2018 IIHF World Championship], and that I actually contributed to those wins," Hornqvist said.

"That's something I couldn't have dreamed of, but foremost I'm most grateful and happy about all the great people I've got to know. Players, coaches, equipment managers … you name it. The world of hockey is full of great people, so if it's one thing that I'm going to miss it's the time in the locker room with the guys."

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