Filip Zadina Secures a Spot with Detroit Red Wings After Clearing Waivers


Filip Zadina Secures a Spot with Detroit Red Wings After Clearing Waivers

In a surprising move, Filip Zadina, the sixth overall draft pick in 2018, will retain his place in the Detroit Red Wings roster. On Tuesday, the skilled forward cleared waivers, thus securing his position within the organization.

Remaining on Contract Despite Heavy Salary Cap Hit

With two years still remaining on his contract, Zadina is due to make $1.825 million against the salary cap. Additionally, he has $4.56 million owed in cash. These substantial financial obligations likely played a significant role in his remaining unclaimed during the waivers.

While such sums are hardly insignificant, they are a testament to the value that Zadina brings to the Red Wings. Ever since being drafted, the forward has showcased considerable potential and is still considered an asset despite his wavering performance.

Yzerman's Attempt to Provide Better Opportunities

Steve Yzerman, the general manager of the Red Wings, openly expressed his intentions of trying to find a better playing opportunity for Zadina. In a candid statement, Yzerman revealed, "I tried to find a place for him to play, somebody that's interested in Filip, maybe give him [a better] opportunity [to play].

I haven't been able to do that." His decision to put Zadina on waivers was a calculated move aimed at allowing the young forward the chance to align with a different organization that might offer more play time. However, as things stand, Zadina remains with the Detroit Red Wings, a team he's contributed significantly to over the past few seasons.

Reflecting on Zadina's Impactful Performance

During his tenure with the Red Wings, Zadina has taken part in a notable 190 games. He has amassed a commendable total of 68 points, including 28 goals and 40 assists, along with 22 penalty minutes.

This record, while not extraordinary, certainly illustrates his consistent presence and ability to contribute to the team's performance on the ice. With the waiver process complete and Zadina remaining a Red Wing, both the player and the organization can now focus on their future.

The upcoming seasons will be crucial in determining whether this forward can realize his full potential and continue to uphold the proud legacy of the Detroit Red Wings.

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