Ryan Johansen reveals when he expects to fully recover from his injury


Ryan Johansen reveals when he expects to fully recover from his injury
Ryan Johansen reveals when he expects to fully recover from his injury

As a result of Ryan Johansen joining the Colorado Avalanche, they will receive a huge boost. The team expects big things from this player in the near future. However, before that, Johansen will have to fully recover, and judging by his words, that could happen in August.

The injury that caused Johansen to miss a significant part of the season was a huge concern for him. "I've had to make adjustments with training and rehabbing and all that stuff, but I was really happy to start getting on the ice at the start of June," Johansen said, as quoted by NHL.

"I skated a couple times a week for about three weeks and felt really good. So that was super encouraging, just with that and being able to move forward and past that. So, I'd say I'm super close to 100 percent now, and hopefully it'll be, by August I think, just full on normal and [I'll] be myself.

So, it's been encouraging to have confidence with moving over that injury and moving past it all."

Ryan Johansen

Johansen is looking forward to a new challenge in his career, as he believes he can do great things for the team.

Furthermore, Johansen is very excited about the prospect of meeting his teammates and having the opportunity to work with them for the first time as well. There are many people who have high expectations of him in the future, and there is also a high chance that he will be able to meet these expectations.

"I think I can be a great asset and fit in this group. It's a team sport, but as an individual I know what I'm capable of and I know how I can play in this league. For me to fit in best, I think it's just going to be me at the top of my game.

When I was traded before (Jan. 6, 2016 to the Predators by the Blue Jackets for defenseman Seth Jones), it was in January. A bonus about being traded at this time of year is I got lots of time to adjust and get comfortable and get to know all the guys and get in there and get myself ready to be the best I can be and then just have an impact for this group right away.

So, looking forward to taking these next few months before we get up and going and get as comfortable as possible."