Peter Laviolette on the new 'philosophy' of the New York Rangers


Peter Laviolette on the new 'philosophy' of the New York Rangers
Peter Laviolette on the new 'philosophy' of the New York Rangers

Peter Laviolette became the new coach of the New York Rangers a few weeks ago. Laviolette has serious ambitions in his new club, and is already implementing the plan. "My message to everybody is let's go to work," Laviolette said, as quoted by "I think that we have really good pieces in place, but to me it's about that work ethic that drives teams."

Peter Laviolette and his philosophy

Peter Laviolette emphasized that he has been a hard-working man since childhood.

He is ready to take all factors into consideration to help his team. By the way, Laviolette is known as a great strategist. A man with a great vision, tactically phenomenal. That's exactly what the New York Rangers needed. "I grew up in Massachusetts and my mom and dad are blue-collar people, they work really hard, and when you're around that it becomes generational if you're observant of it every day for what it takes to be a hard-working person," Laviolette said.

"I think that there is a lot of skill and a lot of talent on this team from the goaltender to the back end to the forwards. We definitely need to embrace that because you find that the teams that go deep into the playoffs and win championships, they're loaded with skill.

That has to be a part of it. " The goal for Laviolette is to have the whole team play as one unit. As a leader, he knows that many changes need to be made within the team if it is to succeed in its goal. The goals he sets for himself are always the greatest.

Laviolette never settled for small things. "What I'm about to say is not trying to take away from that in any manner, but when you watch the playoff games right now, the final four and the final two, it's just a reminder that the compete inside the game is what makes teams great.

It drives them to success. I don't think that's something you can just ask for. I think you have to practice that on a daily basis. It has to become habit. It has to become your identity, part of the DNA of who you are. It has to start in training camp and it has to be held to a level of accountability.

When you have that and you have the skill that's how teams push on and they compete for Stanley Cups, win Stanley Cups and become really good hockey teams."

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