Matthew Tkachuk: Crucial player for 2-2 in the series?

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Matthew Tkachuk: Crucial player for 2-2 in the series?
Matthew Tkachuk: Crucial player for 2-2 in the series?

London GM Mark Hunter remembered the Memorial Cup and Matthew Tkachuk's great goal that brought victory to his team. Seven years later, Matthew is in the final of the Stanley Cup and is one of the most important players on his team that will play the 4th match of the final series tonight.

"He's got that inner drive, determination, passion, all of that," -Mark Hunter said. "All those words you want to use to talk about him are true. Always were, always will be. He wants to win, and he wants to be in those big moments to help do it.

He did it with us in the Memorial Cup and he's doing it now for the Florida Panthers. The bigger the moment, the bigger he plays. You can see it in this year's playoffs."- he said, as quoted by

Dale Hunter talks about Tkachuk

Dale Hunter thinks Tkachuk is a big-game player.

Matthew has shown this many times so far. When you have such a player in the team, then you can expect a better atmosphere, better team spirit, as well as a mentally stronger team. Tkachuk can really be a role model for everyone with his example.

We will see if he will help his team again to reach 2-2. "He brings it to another level when it really counts in the playoffs," Dale Hunter said. "He did it for us in the Memorial Cup. He brought it to another level. And he's doing it right now.

He's a huge, huge part for them. "He pushes himself to be the best, and that's why he's performing so well right now." The Florida Panthers will try to equalize, given that they are losing 2-1 in the series. The last match showed that they can play with the Vegas Golden Knights.

The advantage is that they will play on their home field again, and the support of the fans will be crucial in their quest for the most important trophy.