Maple Leafs' new general manager: Primary target is Auston Matthews

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Maple Leafs' new general manager: Primary target is Auston Matthews
Maple Leafs' new general manager: Primary target is Auston Matthews

Toronto Maple Leafs, new general manager Brad Treliving has serious plans for the future, and he wants to help the team achieve its goals. One of the players he is particularly interested in is Auston Matthews. Treliving wants to have a conversation with Matthews and reveal his plans to him.

Brad thinks Matthews is an elite player. "Auston is one of the elite players in the world," -Treliving said, as quoted by "We're not talking about a good player in the League. We're talking about an elite player in the world.

Getting to Auston is a priority. But outside of the contract stuff, number one is just getting to build a relationship. It's not walking down and trying to arm wrestle about contracts, it's me getting a chance to meet him, but more importantly having Auston get a chance to meet me and know what we're about." Treliving revealed that he had already communicated with Auston via SMS.

He wants to offer him a contract that will satisfy him. It is also interesting that Treliving also knows Auston's manager, which will certainly be an important thing during the negotiations. "I've communicated with Auston via text," Treliving said.

"I know (Matthews' agent) Judd [Moldaver]. I've got a strong relationship with Judd. There's a great personal relationship, Judd is excellent at what he does. We're not going to get into any public discourse about contracts. We know where these contracts are at."

Sheldon Keefe

There are many questions about the future of Sheldon Keefe.

Will he stay or leave anyway? Treliving seems to think he should give Keefe a chance. "As I said to him, it's a little bit of a unique situation. We can call it whatever we want, we're all big boys here," Treliving said. "There's been a change and he's in a unique situation, but that's the business.

My outside lens of Sheldon, I look at a team the last two years as a full-time coach, 115 points and 111 points, I think he's a really good coach. My view on determining whether a guy is good, bad or indifferent, you have to work with him, you have to get to know him. I'm coming in with no preconceived notions.

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