Luke Hughes will make his play off debut


Luke Hughes will make his play off debut

It will be Luke Hughes' first Stanley Cup Playoff appearance when the New Jersey Devils face the Carolina Hurricanes in Game 3 of the Eastern Conference Second Round. Hughes surprised everyone with his maturity and calmness.

Namely, he emphasized that he does not feel nervous and that he is ready for his debut. "I think it's definitely excitement," Hughes said, as quoted by "I don't really get nervous. I get more nervous watching the game, in the stands, but no nerves out there.

I'm very excited and definitely ready to play." Hughes is committed to giving his best and helping the team in the best way he can. While it may be difficult given his inexperience, it is unquestionable that this great player has a lot of qualities that can make him a successful player.

"I think it's just playing my game and really having a fast transition with my legs and with my passing ability, so that's kind of one thing I can help this team with," Hughes said. "I just want to focus on my transition game, playing fast, getting back to pucks and helping in the breakouts and in the neutral zone and then doing my thing in the offensive zone." "I'm very ready and very prepared."

Jack Hughes on Luke Hughes: That's what we've been missing

Devils center Jack Hughes is proud of his brother from whom he expects only the best.

Hughes will have to confirm it on the pitch "We need puck movers, we need guys that can transport the puck out of the zone," Jack said. "That's what we've been missing a bit in the first two games, and Luke's a guy who can get the puck in and out of the zone and be a threat on the rush. We're a fast team and we need guys that are moving the puck. ... Our defense has done a good job of that all year."