Chicago Blackhawks lost 5-0 to Colorado Avalanche: Reactions


Chicago Blackhawks lost 5-0 to Colorado Avalanche: Reactions

The Colorado Avalanche won 5-0 vs the Chicago Blackhawks. Alexander Georgiev was particularly impressive with 27 saves. He spoke about his impressions after the match: "Team is playing great right now, and you try to appreciate when things are working out for you," Georgiev said, as quoted by "Just like I said, if it's 20 shots per game lately, I'll take that and try to enjoy that." Avalanche coach Jared Bednar believes that the most important thing is that his team stuck to the plan.

At the end, they deservedly celebrated. However, he does not want to stay on this one. Ultimately, his goal is for his team to succeed in all of the matches that follow and continue to do well. "I just thought it was a smart, disciplined hockey game from our guys in most areas really," -Jared Bednar said.

"We had our breakdowns here and there, but for the most part, I think we stuck to the plan and executed pretty well. And we get some timely scoring. So we get the win, but it's big to be able to do that. Now we're right in striking distance again, and we got to come out and repeat it against a really good team in [the Pittsburgh Penguins] on Wednesday."

Luke Richardson and his impressions

Chicago coach Luke Richardson believes that his team did not have enough strength and speed.

His team tried and did their best, but it seems that the difference in quality is obvious. Richardson will have to work a lot with the players if he wants this to look better. "I thought we skated with them pretty good in the first period, but I think their strength and speed kind of pushed us back,"-Luke Richardson said. "We had some chances, but unfortunately we couldn't get that one to kind of keep our momentum going and keep us in that game.

And then I think the power-play goal (in the second period) really kind of took the life out of our team tonight, and that third period we were trying. We were trying to skate early, but again, I think just us trying to press, we turned some pucks over, and that just fed their offense.

They're good team, and I think we did some good things against them, but we're just not there yet to do it all game consistently."

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