Boston Bruins won 3-2 against the Edmonton Oilers: Reactions

"They're playing 11 forwards, but we can just roll out our lines"

by Sead Dedovic
Boston Bruins won 3-2 against the Edmonton Oilers: Reactions

The Boston Bruins won 3-2 against the Edmonton Oilers. Boston coach Jim Montgomery spoke about the strengths of his team and could not hide his satisfaction after such a victory. "We're lucky that have four lines that can play and six 'D' every night," Boston coach Jim Montgomery said, as quoted by "They're playing 11 forwards, but we can just roll out our lines.

They have the match-up they wanted because they got last change, but we're OK with our fourth line being out there against McDavid." Edmonton coach Jay Woodcroft believes that his team has paid for its mistakes. "I'm proud of our team with that effort, obviously.

Boston's the top team in the NHL for a reason,"-Jay Woodcroft said. "They didn't need much in order to score, but when we broke down, they made us pay. We were unable to find the equalizer there in the third period, but I thought there were a lot of positives to take out of that game tonight."

Foligno on his team

Foligno believes that his team still has room for improvement.

"I think we're proud of our process and what's it's allowed us to do and be where we are, but I still think there's room to grow," Foligno said. "I still think there are little areas we can get better in. I'm not trying to sound tacky, it's just the reality of our team.

I don't think anyone is satisfied here. I think we're really excited about our group, but I think we all know there is more to do. That's the mindset that's allowed us to have the success we've had." Oilers forward Zach Hyman is proud of McDavid who became the fastest player to score 50 goals.

"It is something you should be proud of, even for him, somebody who paces the League in pretty much every offensive stat," Oilers forward Zach Hyman said. "I think it is his first time hitting 50, and that is a milestone to be proud of. He is the reason we were on the board tonight. He got both. He just drives our team."

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