The Montreal Canadiens won 6:2 against the Edmonton Oilers: Reactions


The Montreal Canadiens won 6:2 against the Edmonton Oilers: Reactions

The Montreal Canadiens won 6:2 against the Edmonton Oilers. Connor McDavid's point streak ended at 15 games, and Canadiens captain Nick Suzuki commented on McDavid. "Obviously, he's dangerous every single time he touches the puck,"-Nick Suzuki said, as quoted by "And just the way he's been playing as of late, he's been really impressive with the point totals that he's been putting up, so to have a good game against him is a boost to the whole team." Jordan Harris scored two goals and revealed the main goal of his team.

"They play so fast and dangerous offensively, and it's really apparent right off the start that they like to get going in transition," Harris said. "That was our main focus coming into the game, to limit their chances and limit our turnovers to allow them to go the other way, so kudos to the whole back end, and all of our forwards played great defensively, blocking shots, and 'Jakey' was outstanding."

Jay Woodcroft

Oilers coach Jay Woodcroft believes that the results are a true indicator of the strength ratio on the field.

"I thought both teams got what they deserved tonight," -Jay Woodcroft said. "Montreal played a very good game, credit to them. And I didn't think we were very sharp at all, so we got what we deserved." Belzile is happy with the game of his team, which showed its skills on the pitch.

"If we would have lost, the moment would be bittersweet," Belzile said. "But we faced a really good challenge tonight, and even yesterday with the comeback, that shows character. In the NHL, if you play as a unit of 18 plus the goalie, there is no easy game, and teams win over sometimes an individual, so we had a really good game."

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