Roman Josi broke a record: The fans were delighted!

"Great accomplishment for Roman," -John Hynes said

by Sead Dedovic
Roman Josi broke a record: The fans were delighted!

Nashville Predators won 4:2 against Chicago Blackhawks. Roman Josi became the all-time leading scorer of his team with another goal. Josi is delighted with his success. "It's definitely a huge honor," Josi said, as quoted by

"I think just being here for that long, it's something I never dreamed of when I first started in the NHL. So many people that put a lot of trust in me, so many people I'm thankful for, teammates who have been here for so long, staff, everyone.

It's definitely a huge honor." Nashville coach John Hynes did not forget to praise his player. He is well aware of his qualities and how much he means to his team. "Great accomplishment for Roman," -John Hynes said. "The franchise has had so many real good, successful players.

I think it speaks volumes, not only about his talent, but his longevity and what he means to the organization. Having the opportunity to coach him and deal with him every day, I'd like to say it's not surprising, such a talented guy that's driven and committed.

Connor Murphy

It has been said many times that the characteristic of great players is consistency. "The consistency level that he plays with is certainly exceptional. You don't get recognized for those things and accomplish those things if you're not a highly talented player that's really driven, and that's what he is." Connor Murphy was also one of the best in his team.

He is proud of the team. "Whether it's a lapse of focus from us, if we have a couple good shifts and feel like we're getting rolling, we're not staying disciplined enough to keep that going for a duration of time," Murphy said.

"And I believe that once we commit to that a little more … we'll get rewarded for playing the right way."

John Hynes