New York Rangers vs Chicago Blackhawks (7:1): Reactions

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New York Rangers vs Chicago Blackhawks (7:1): Reactions

The New York Rangers won 7:1 over the Chicago Blackhawks. Rangers coach Gerard Gallant is satisfied with the team's performance. Each individual knows his role and does it in the right way. "We're playing, finding ways to win hockey games,"-Gerard Gallant said, as quoted by

"We're just playing as a group, and it's four lines and six [defensemen] on the goals. Everyone's playing good, solid hockey. You get on a little roll and things happen good. We weren't getting much puck luck the first part of the season, now we're getting a lot more of it."

Jonathan Toews on the results

Jonathan Toews is not happy about the results.

He is aware that things are not going well and that his team can't fight mentally. "I don't know, it's hard to say," Toews said. "There's moments where we played good hockey, and then we make one mistake and it ends up in the back of our net.

And right now, those moments seem to sting more than they usually do, and it feels like we're putting this weight on our shoulders where when things go wrong, they go really wrong, and it keeps snowballing in the wrong direction for us and we're mentally having a difficult time recovering as a team." Toews, however, remains optimistic about the future.

The team tries to understand its mistakes and learn from them. They will have to recover from this defeat as soon as possible. "It's hard to pinpoint one thing when there's a lot of breakdowns, a lot of odd-man rushes, especially early on, and they're capitalizing on those chances, and then it's hard to recover from that, and you look up at the scoreboard and it's 3-0, 4-1, 5-1, whatever it is in your own building.

It's not a good feeling, but give this group credit. Even though we've had a tough go, I think there's still that commitment to each other and to figuring this out to getting that good feeling in this room again."