Mitchell Marner extended his point streak to 21 games

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Mitchell Marner extended his point streak to 21 games
Mitchell Marner extended his point streak to 21 games (Provided by Sport World News)

Mitchell Marner does not intend to stop his streak, and now it is 21 games in which he has scored. His team won against the Los Angeles Kings. "I think it's up there, for sure, especially against a team that does a great job really stopping people through the neutral zone, stopping speed, breaking out cleanly," Marner said, as quoted by

"I thought in that second period we really took over the game, played our game, played with speed, pace, got the puck in, and I thought we did a good job of hemming them in and doing good line changes." Ilya Samsonov was great just like Marner and he is happy for his team.

"Unbelievable job for our whole team," Samsonov said. "[Defensive] zone, offensive zone, we dominated today. It was a great job."

Todd McLellan on the game

Los Angeles coach Todd McLellan is worried about his team's play, as many things looked bad.

McLellan is aware that they have to improve many aspects of the game if they want to be better. This game does not give optimism. "If the mental part is not there, there is no way the physical part is going to be there,"-Todd McLellan said, as quoted by

"I thought we were light and slow in the first period, we didn't win any races, and then when we did even come close to winning any of them, we were real light with our sticks, real light with body position and it just kept going all night.

"'m actually quite disappointed because we haven't used words like 'light' and 'slow' in a long, long time with our team. We've had some bad nights where we've made mistakes, but that was uncharacteristic of us and a little bit concerning." Toronto center Auston Matthews is pleased with his team's performance.

He did not forget to praise the goalkeeper, but also the rest of the team. Other teams are certainly afraid of the form of their team. "I think it was a really, really good game," Toronto center Auston Matthews said. "We obviously did a lot of really good things well, and two straight games not allowing a goal, a lot of credit goes to the way we've been defending and obviously the goaltending we've been getting from both Samsonov and Murray.

I think just a full team effort all around. Those are the types of games you want to play and be consistently playing that way."