Bruce Boudreau on the team's poor form; It's not like we're losing 6-1 every night

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Bruce Boudreau on the team's poor form; It's not like we're losing 6-1 every night

Bruce Boudreau, the coach of the Vancouver Canucks, despite being the only team without a win, still believes that they can start with the right performances; "The [Stanley Cup Playoffs] aren't won in October, unless you're playing baseball," Boudreau said for "We just went through a lot of clips of the last game and there's so many positives that if we keep doing the right things, these losses will turn into wins, and they'll stay wins for a long time."

His team seems to be running out of luck. "We've gone through the parenting where you're tough on them and then you build them back up," Boudreau said. "It's not like we're losing 6-1 every night and getting outplayed.

We're right there until the end in every game we've played, and it just hasn't bounced our way in the last seven minutes of the third period." "We haven't had that luck, but the things we're doing so much better than we were doing a week before, which we're doing better than we were doing two weeks before, at that continued pace I'm really excited about what's coming."

Forward J.T. Miller, commented on the current situation; "We pride ourselves on getting momentum and being a difference maker, and a lot of games in the NHL come down to penalty killing and power play," he said.

J.T Miller on his team

The most important thing for them is to believe in themselves. "We did about as much as we could last game to score on those two chances we had [in Minnesota], especially that last one," Miller said.

"I think everybody had a scoring chance, so once again, we know it's a long process and we feel good about the power play last game. We have faith in it." Miller also believes in himself, and his form seems like a good sign.

"I felt like the last couple games, I've actually started getting more comfortable," Miller said. Miller does not want to be pessimistic and destroy faith in this team. "It's not that bad," Miller said.

"It's five games and we're trending in the right direction, whether people realize it or not. We have a ton of belief. It's upbeat in there. We're excited to play [Saturday]. We're excited to be home. "It's not down [in the locker room].

There were moments on the road trip that were depressing, no question, but it's going to make us stronger at the end of the day, and it's important we go through it."