Mark Scheifele about his performances and big changes

"All I was trying to say is that I care, and I want to win"

by Sead Dedovic
Mark Scheifele about his performances and big changes

In a great interview with, Mark Scheifele talked about many topics, and we will introduce you to a few of them. One of the first topics was his impressions of the previous season. "It was just kind of a roller coaster.

There would be spurts where I really liked my game and there would be spurts where I really didn't like my game. It's one of those things that it was a constant search to try to feel it out, you know? It was a lot more time on the ice trying to figure out things in my own game and how I was feeling.

I kind of started out with COVID early in the year and missed 14 days on the ice, which I don't think anyone really understands how hard it is to be off the ice for 14 days for a hockey player. I don't take 14 days off even in the summer.

… So, it just kind of was one of those years that adversity kept hitting. There was something, then another thing, then another thing. That's why I'm really excited about this fresh start with new coaches and a bunch of new things."- he said, as quoted by He has been part of the Winnipeg Jets for 11 years and is happy about it.

"Yeah. To think I've been here for 11 years is pretty crazy too. I still look at myself as a young guy and I'm one of the older guys on the team. It's kind of wild to think about, but I know nothing but the Winnipeg Jets. That's all I know.

I eat, sleep, and breathe Winnipeg Jets and that's why I care so much. That's why my comments at the end of the year kind of got misconstrued. "All I was trying to say is that I care, and I want to win. I want this organization to win.

I want my voice to [be] heard about how much I care about this organization, how much I care about this team, how much I care about the guys in the room and all I want to do is win. I want there to be a plan and for all of us to know what's going on and to have a winning culture and to bring a Stanley Cup to the Winnipeg community."


He also made big changes during the break, and he revealed what he did.

"I changed trainers. I started working with (Brian Galivan) in Plymouth (Michigan) at the (USA Hockey) program there. (Detroit Red Wings forward and former Jets teammate) Andrew Copp, he's probably my best friend. I lived with him for a number of years in Winnipeg.

He started working with him last summer and I really liked the stuff he was doing and the workouts he was doing and all the workouts and stuff like that. So, I called them up and talked to them and got their take and kind of gave them my take and we really formed a great relationship, and I spent a good amount of time in Michigan this summer.

"A pretty good skate there: the Hughes brothers (Jack of the New Jersey Devils and Quinn of the Vancouver Canucks), (Columbus Blue Jackets defenseman Zach) Werenski, (Montreal Canadiens forward Cole) Caufield, (Anaheim Ducks forward Trevor) Zegras was there a bunch.

(Detroit Red Wings forward Dylan) Larkin was there. (Jets forward) Kyle Connor was there. 'Dubi' (Jets forward Pierre-Luc Dubois) was there at the end of the summer. Just a fantastic skate. A lot of skilled players. A lot of young guys that have a lot of skill and are fast. So, I really enjoyed my time there and I had a great summer with them."