Jordan Staal revealed plans for a contract extension

Jordan Staal could extend his contract with the Hurricanes

by Sead Dedovic
Jordan Staal revealed plans for a contract extension

Jordan Staal is ready to extend his cooperation with the Carolina Hurricanes. "I want to be in the Hurricanes organization for as long as I can, and I'm sure whether it's an extension now or they re-up me at the end of the year or if they're done with me, it will happen," Staal said, as quoted by "That's where I want to be." He has already held key talks with the team management.

"We've had a few conversations throughout the summer," Staal said. "I think we'll revisit it pretty soon here, and we'll see what they think and what they want to do." "I'm going to ride out this contract. Eleven years is a long time here, and it's been special.

I'm going to ride it out next year and hopefully finish with a bang and go from there." It looked like nothing would come of extending the cooperation, but Staal explained things; "When they asked me that question it was like three minutes after we lost.

It was right after we lost to New York," Staal said. "My mindset was always when I started in Hurricane land, I was just focused on getting through it and being relevant and really just being a part of it and then see what happens.

So when they asked me that, I was, 'I have one more year.' I didn't think much of it."

Jordan Staal

At certain moments, he seemed not to think much. "I was actually really thrown off by the question at the time," he said.

"And after I remember [thinking], 'Did I just screw that up?' Because it kind of blew up a little bit. I didn't even think much of it at the time. But that's kind of where my head is at now." Staal is ready to give his best for a few more seasons.

"It's hard to say when you start creeping toward 35 how many years you've got left in the tank, and I've played [16] years already, but every summer you kind of get refreshed and you start the season, you get excited about it," Staal said.

"It's what I've been doing my whole life. "So I'm kind of creeping towards I'll just play until they kick me out of here, but we'll see." A lot is expected from new players. "We've got a lot of similar players coming back, players who have shown they can do it and push the envelope, and I thought we brought in some really good players as well," Staal said.

"That's going to make us even better. So you never know what's going to happen, but I feel confident in our team that we can do some really good things and push for looking for that Stanley Cup."