Kevin Fiala reveals why he signed a 7-year contract with the Los Angeles Kings

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Kevin Fiala reveals why he signed a 7-year contract with the Los Angeles Kings

Kevin Fiala is ready for a new challenge in his career, given that he is now a player of the Los Angeles Kings after he was traded. Fiala signed a seven-year contract and revealed the reasons why he decided on such a move.

"I think they have a great team. They had a good year last year and made the playoffs and you see the young guys they have. It's a bright future. You see the future. So that's what I thought. Seven years, we can take big steps. They still have those older players who have won Stanley Cups before.

They're still there. They have great experience. They can help out the young guys to win the Cup. It was a great fit for me personally. "- he said for It wasn't easy to leave Minnesota after the good times he had there. However, Fiala decided that this is the best for him and is now focused on the new team and the next challenges.

"Yeah, very tough. Like you said, we built something. When I got there (in 2019), we didn't make the playoffs, so the next year was better and better and better. And also in the locker room itself, I feel like we built something great there and it was like a big family.

So it's kind of [stinks] in this way to leave something that I was a part of building. But in the other way, I couldn't be happier to be with the Los Angeles Kings and I can't wait to start."

Kevin Fiala and his progress

Fiala has improved a lot compared to previous seasons.

However, according to his opinion, he made the biggest progress on the mental part, the consistency. "Just, I think, the mental part, the consistency. There are 82 games. It's a long season, a lot of ups and downs and if you can stay consistent with your mental game, I think that's the biggest key to success.

I feel like I'm an impatient guy a little bit and I want it all a little too much sometimes. My goals are very high, and you can't make the goal after Day One. It's a long season. So maybe you're squeezing the stick too much [from] the pressure.

So I think I learned from that a little bit that just to enjoy the game, enjoy being with the boys to have a good time, be happy and go with the flow and everything else fixes itself."

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