Bruce Boudreau on J.T Miller's future: I can't do anything about

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Bruce Boudreau on J.T Miller's future: I can't do anything about

J.T Miller and his future are still in question. However, Vancouver Canucks fans are optimistic that Miller will stay and be one of the key players of their team. It's not just the fans who are optimistic, coach Bruce Boudreau hopes that Miller will be a part of their team even after this season.

Still, he is ready for any outcome. "He's a Canuck, and the other stuff I can't do anything about," the Vancouver coach told SiriusXM NHL Network Radio" So I put him in [my plans] and don't worry about it. If something were to happen, then I just would adjust to that situation, but I think of J.T.

as our No. 1 center and a great hockey player, and I'm just glad he's a Canuck."

Bruce Boudreau on NHL statistics

Boudreau is fortunate to have many good players at his disposal who are among the best in the NHL. According to certain NHL statistics, there are 2 players from Vancouver among the Top 20 centers.

Boudreau emphasized that one more player could be part of a slightly longer list. He is aware of what kind of team he is, and Boudreau will try to go with them until the very end. "The NHL Network did a list of the Top 20 centers and we had two guys (Miller, No.

12; Pettersson, No. 19)," Boudreau said. "But I would venture to guess that if they did the top 30 or top 25, we would have been the only team with three of them on the list. Bo Horvat has to be put right up there. He's a 30 goal-scorer and would have had 35 if he hadn't broken his leg in the last two weeks of the season.

When you talk about strength down the middle, that's what I'm really excited about. J.T. is the leader of our group, and I'm pretty sure he's going to be the leader of that group again this year." The Vancouver coach is happy with Miller.

Miller not only has playing qualities, but also human qualities. His only goal is to win and nothing else comes into question. "He just comes to play and he cares about winning," Boudreau said. "I remember as soon as I got to Vancouver, he told me all he cares about is winning and those guys are hard to find. ... He pretty well was part of every situation that we had. To us he did an awful lot."