Matthew Stafford addresses concerns regarding his elbow problem


Matthew Stafford addresses concerns regarding his elbow problem

Matthew Stafford has downplayed the severity of his elbow issue after NFL Network inside Ian Rapoport reported last week that the quarterback had been dealing with a bad tendinitis. "My understanding, this elbow issue, which actually cropped up in the spring, is described to me as bad tendinitis," Rapoport said late last week.

"It is a tendon issue in his throwing elbow. [He] had a little of a procedure -- not a surgery, but a procedure -- more of a PRP-type deal in the offseason to try to manage it. Did not get to a place where he really needs it to be.

I think long-term, everyone in Los Angeles thinks this is going to be fine. I don't sense any stress about it, but it's a quarterback. It's a throwing arm. Obviously, something we need to monitor going forward."

Stafford insists his elbow issue is not of a serious nature

This offseason, Stafford received an anti-inflammatory shot in the elbow.

He was kept out of throwing in the spring and he is getting a lighter workload in traning camp. "I don't know if you guys were watching, I felt like I could make any throw I wanted to today," Stafford said, per the NFL website.

"I'm just trying to be smart when I get those opportunities to make sure I can come out here, cut it loose, turn it loose like I did today and go from there." When Rams head coach Sean McVay was asked about Stafford, he suggested the quarterback wanted to show with his throws in practice that there was nothing to worry about.

"He threw it all over the yard today, looked really good, felt good. We're very much on track with what we had hoped and I think you could really see," McVay said. "The ball was jumping out of his hand, making all types of throws, and so I think he was trying to show you guys that there's probably not many questions you can ask him either based on how he felt in the way he was throwing it around today." Stafford maybe looked well in practice over the weekend but the Rams certainly plan on keeping a cautious approach with the quarterback heading into the new season.

"I do know this, the way that he looked today, I don't think you would know that anything was going on," McVay said. "He felt good. So, I know that I'm going to sleep better tonight."

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