Deebo Samuel comments on decision to return to 49ers after initially requesting trade

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Deebo Samuel comments on decision to return to 49ers after initially requesting trade

Deebo Samuel said the communication was the key in him and the San Francisco 49ers agreeing on an extension. At the start of the offseason, Samuel requested a trade from the 49ers. The 49ers refused to trade Samuel, hoping they would fix whatever was the problem.

The 49ers' decision to keep Samuel ultimately paid off as they and the wide receiver managed to agree on a three-year, $73.5 million contract. After requesting a trade, Samuel removed everything 49ers related from his social media.

When asked what prompted him to request a trade at the first place, Samuel didn't really want to reveal too much. "At the end of the day, this is a business," Samuel said of signing an extension with the 49ers, per ESPN.

"So, what changed was the communication. The more we communicated, the more we started figure things out."

Samuel denies he wasn't happy with how the 49ers utilized him

Media speculated that Samuel was unhappy because he was used a dual-threat in 49ers offense.

"That's false," Samuel said. "There's a lot of things that came out that I wanted to speak on, but at the end of the day, I wasn't allowed to. You can turn on the tape or go back to the Cowboys game.

It kind of shows what kind of player I am. And also, you can go turn on the Pro Bowl tape and like what I said about being a wide back, I don't mind doing whatever it takes for this team to win." The 49ers have given quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo to seek a trade partner and Trey Lance is set to be the team's new starting quarterback.

"It's getting better by day," Samuel said of his relationship with Lance. "It's not hard to be out there with Trey. He's willing to learn and I'm willing to learn as well and we'll just come together as one and figure it out."

Meanwhile, 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan was just happy that the team and Samuel were able to fix the issues. "When you separate from each other, not just him and I, but just him and the whole building and you go away and you know the big decisions that are coming, I think things happen," Shanahan said.

"But I think as soon as we got back close to minicamp, we're able to hang around each other. It was pretty obvious that [we were] the same people we've always been and we just had to get back together and start communicating more."