Deshaun Watson handed suspension over violation of NFL's personal conduct policy

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Deshaun Watson handed suspension over violation of NFL's personal conduct policy
Deshaun Watson handed suspension over violation of NFL's personal conduct policy (Provided by Sport World News)

Deshaun Watson has been handed a six-game suspension for violating the NFL's personal conduct policy following the se*ual misconduct allegations. On Monday, a source told ESPN's Adam Schefter that disciplinary officer Sue L.

Robinson decided to hand Watson a six-game suspension, without a pay fine. According to ESPN's NFL insider Jeremy Fowler, disciplinary officer Robinson said there "was not enough evidence to justify an indefinite suspension." The NFL was reportedly initially pushing for a suspension of one full season, while Watson's camp and NFLPA didn't agree with that.

According another ESPN's NFL insider Dianna Russini, those close to Watson think a six-game suspension is "too much" but they are respecting the decision. When Watson was asked about the NFL's investigation, he insisted he was truthful in every question he answered.

"I can't control that. I did everything they asked me to do. I answered every question truthfully that the NFL asked me," Watson said. "I spent hours with the people they brought down. That's all I can do, is be honest and tell them exactly what happened.

They have a job, and so I have to respect that. And that's what we want to do is cooperate. They have to make a decision that's best for the league."

Next up man with Watson suspended for six games

The Browns now know for how long Watson will be suspended Jacoby Brissett will likely serve as the team's starting quarterback at the start of the season.

“I mean, I really don’t know too much about the whole situation,” Browns running back Kareem Hunt said. “If he misses it, it’s a next-man-up mentality. I’m going to be ready to play, and I know the rest of the team is still going to be ready to play.

We didn’t have Deshaun last year or the years before. We do [talk about it], but we’re more worried about ourselves. It’s a business, man, that’s the biggest thing. You’ve got to worry about yourself, because if you don’t you could not be here” Watson, who will be eligible to return on October 23 versus the Baltimore Ravens, said he was sorry for putting those close to him in an uncomfortable situation.

"I do understand that I do have regrets as far as the impact that [it's had] on the community and people outside of just myself," Watson said. "And that includes my family. That includes this organization. That includes my teammates in this locker room that have to answer to these questions.

That includes the fan base of the Cleveland Browns. That includes males, females, everyone across the, the world. That's one thing I do regret is the impact that it's triggered on so many people. It's tough to have to deal with."

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