Jerry Jones reveals Cowboys' plans for Ezekiel Elliott's involvement in offense

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Jerry Jones reveals Cowboys' plans for Ezekiel Elliott's involvement in offense

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has made it clear the Cowboys are still counting on Ezekiel Elliott to be a big part of the team's offense. Since 2016, Elliott's numbers have been decreasing and last season he averaged a career-low 58.9 rushing yards per game.

Tony Pollard enjoyed a better year statistically and some think he should be the running back No. 1 for the Cowboys. However, Jones feels Elliott is still a very important piece of Cowboys' offense and that he does a lot of positive things on the field.

"We gotta have Tony Pollard out there. No, seriously, Zeke's gotta be our feature, and he is our feature," Jones said on NFL Network, per the NFL website. "We can feature him in a lot of different ways. We all recognize what he does in the passing game because of his protection ability.

Don't ever underestimate that especially with Zeke. Zeke takes some tolls when he's out there as a back blocking. So it's critical that we make Zeke -- because he's capable of being that -- really the focus of what we're doing.

Now then, Pollard, there's plenty of room for Pollard. There's plenty of room for Pollard when Zeke's in there. Pollard needs to get the ball."

Elliott aims a big bounce back season

Elliott actually had good numbers at the start of the year, but then sustained a knee injury in Week 4.

Elliott played out the rest of the season, but he was clearly hampered by a knee injury and it impacted his performance. Reflecting on an injury-plagued 2021 season, Elliott admitted it was "definitely frustrated" but added football players are always dealing with something.

"It definitely was frustrating and definitely frustrating certain parts of the year, but it's football," Elliott said. "I think today might be the only day everyone's going to be 100%. From here on out, everyone's going to have a couple bumps and bruises and no one's going to be 100, so just trying to do everything I can off the field to make sure I preserve my health and am ready for Sundays." Elliott doesn't have any guaranteed money on his contract beyond 2022.

Elliott needs a big season or otherwise he might be shown the exit doors after the 2022 season. Elliott is back to feeling healthy and staying injury-free will be the key to his success in 2022.

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