Kyler Murray sounds off on his work ethic doubters after 'homework' contract clause

Murray's new contract with the Cardinals initially included a four-hour game study per week.

by Dzevad Mesic
Kyler Murray sounds off on his work ethic doubters after 'homework' contract clause

Kyler Murray called a press conference for a Thursday, where he addressed the recent media talk and said it as "disrespectful" to even think that he's not committed to learning and studying the game. Just before the start of training camp, the Cardinals and Murray agreed on a five-year, $230.5 million extension.

However, what drew attention was the Arizona Cardinals mandating Murray to complete an independent four-hour game study per week. The Cardinals including that in the contract led to some thinking that Murray wasn't really committed to studying game film.

After seeing the public reaction, the Cardinals announced their decision to remove that from their contract with Murray. "After seeing the distraction it created, we removed the referendum from the contract. It was clearly perceived in ways that were never intended.

Our confidence in Kyler Murray is as high as it's ever been and nothing demonstrates our belief in his ability to lead this team more than the commitment reflected in this contract," the Cardinals announced in a statement.

Murray sounds off on those questioning his work ethic

"I feel it's necessary (to talk), with what's going on regarding me, and the things that have been said about me," Murray told reporters, per CBS Sports. "To think that I can accomplish everything that I've accomplished in my career and not be a student of the game, and not have passion and not take this serious, is almost disrespectful, and it's almost a joke.

I'm flattered, I'm honestly flattered that, at my size, (you believe) I can go out there and not prepare for the game and not take it serious. It's disrespectful to my peers, to all the great athletes and great players that are in this league.

This game's too hard, to play the position that I play in this league, it's too hard (not to study). It's funny, but to those of you out there that believe I'd be standing here today, in front of ya'll, without having a work ethic and without preparing, I'm honored that you'd think that, but it doesn't exist.

It's not possible." After the Cardinals' season ended, Murray made it clear he wanted an extension. Seven months later, Murray has been made as one of the top paid players in the NFL. The Cardinals have secured Murray long-term and now it's up to the quarterback to lead the Cardinals to the Promised Land.