Ezekiel Elliott addresses contract situation, injury issues in 2021

Elliott hoping to have a big bounce back season this season.

by Dzevad Mesic
Ezekiel Elliott addresses contract situation, injury issues in 2021

Ezekiel Elliott insists he is not worried about his contract situation going into the new season as his primary focus is on being the best version of himself and helping the Dallas Cowboys win the Super Bowl in 2022. Beyond 2022, Elliott has no guaranteed money in his contract.

Elliott's $12.4 million base salary is fully guaranteed for this season, but he has no guaranteed money beyond this season. In 2023, Elliott is set to make $10.9 million, but there is no guaranteed money. "I think it is a big season, but I think you can't look too far down the road," Elliott said, per ESPN.

"I think if I focus on every day, if I focus on having a good day of camp, if I focus on taking it week by week, I think everything will handle itself. And I don't think there's really a reason to look that far down the road.

I think if I handle my business every day, then I'll be in a pretty good situation at the end of the season."

Elliott's numbers have been dropping since his rookie season

Elliott got off to a promising start to his NFL as he finished his rookie season with the average of 108.7 rushing yards per game.

Last year, Elliott had a career-low 58.9 rushing yards per game. However, it should be noted that Elliott suffered a partially torn posterior ligament in his right knee. The injury occured in Week 4 and Elliott was visibly affected by the injury.

"It definitely was frustrating and definitely frustrating certain parts of the year, but it's football," Elliott said. "I think today might be the only day everyone's going to be 100%. From here on out, everyone's going to have a couple bumps and bruises and no one's going to be 100, so just trying to do everything I can off the field to make sure I preserve my health and am ready for Sundays." Even though Elliott was clearly impacted by the injury, he didn't miss a game last season.

After the season ended, Elliott had some concerns as his knee injury wasn't healing fast enough. "I was a little worried at the beginning of the season, like, 'Dang, this thing still kind of feels a little iffy,'" Elliott said.

"But I'll say probably a month or two into the offseason, a month or two getting back into work, and I'll say probably by the time OTAs hit, I was back 100."

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