Cowboys owner Jerry Jones makes one thing clear regarding coach Mike McCarthy

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Cowboys owner Jerry Jones makes one thing clear regarding coach Mike McCarthy
Cowboys owner Jerry Jones makes one thing clear regarding coach Mike McCarthy (Provided by Sport World News)

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has made it clear that he has the full belief in head coach Mike McCarthy and he is not looking to replace the coach who signed with the Cowboys two years ago. After the Cowboys suffered a devastating wild card round loss to the San Francisco 49ers on their home field, Jones didn't hide his frustration with the team.

It led to some speculating that McCarthy might pay the ultimate price and be replaced this offseason. Jones has decided to give McCarthy another chance to prove himself with the Cowboys, but some believe McCarthy could be shown the exit doors if the Cowboys get off to a slow start to the season.

On Tuesday, Jones addressed media at the start of training camp and wanted to clear some things regarding their coaching situation.

Cowboys owner Jones defends coach McCarthy

"It has been an offseason full of (various) issues, but one of the ones I wanna address directly, because I guess it's the one that probably I have the most sensitivity about is Mike," Jones said, per CBS Sports.

"I wanna be real clear: He wouldn't be sitting here today if I didn't think he was the man to lead this team to a Super Bowl. He would not be. And I have choices. And so that's not to be insensitive to anybody, that's a fact. You guys write about a lot of those choices, and they were there for my use had I wanted them.

(But) no, the guy to my right is who I'm convicted about, have been, (and) we certainly have had things we've addressed. I think we have successfully put together a staff, from this vantage point, that absolutely gives us the best chance to get to the ultimate success." When McCarthy was asked about his future with the Cowboys, he said it's media that's pushing the story of him getting fired.

"It's irritating that the first question you ask me has nothing to do with how I do my job," McCarthy told David Moore of The Dallas Morning News. "I show up every day for work to win a championship. How do we win today? That's what I'm asking.

My viewpoint is it's not a story. It's a media-driven narrative, or at least a narrative driven outside my realm." Jones believes the Cowboys have a team capable of winning the Super Bowl and now the pressure is on McCarthy to coach them to the Promised Land.

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