49ers HC Kyle Shanahan addresses Deebo Samuel's future in San Francisco

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49ers HC Kyle Shanahan addresses Deebo Samuel's future in San Francisco

San Francisco 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan says he is optimistic the team and Deebo Samuel will reach an agreement on a new deal before the new season starts. After the 2021 season, Samuel requested a trade from the 49ers but they have decided to keep him and instead try to mend their relationship.

Meanwhile, Samuel reported for mandatory minicamp and he is also expected to be on the field for training camp. However, it should be noted that Samuel simply had to report or otherwise he would have been hit with a financial fine.

"The days of holding out and stuff are a little bit different now because players, regardless of what the team decides later, always have to pay [the fines] back," Shanahan said, via The Athletic. "Now, those fines can't get paid back."

Shanahan confident Samuel will stay with the 49ers

Several months have passed since Samuel's trade request and nothing has happened yet.

The season starts in a month and a half and Shanahan is confident Samuel will remain witn the team going forward. "What I do know is: I'm not worried about it not getting done," said Shanahan. "I feel very confident that Deebo's going to be on our team this year, and he's going to be for many years after.

I do believe he'll get a deal. I know that they're working on it right now." While the 49ers are hoping to keep Samuel, they have given Jimmy Garoppolo's agent to seek a trade partner. With Garoppolo on the exit doors, it's all set for Trey Lance to be the team's new starting quarterback.

"I think our team's ready for Trey, going through OTAs," Shanahan told The Athletic. "I'm just pumped to get to work -- provide him some practices because I know the kid has the abilities, made of the right stuff, he just needs the reps." Garoppolo led the 49ers to a Super Bowl appearance in 2019 and also helped the team reach the NFC Championship Game last season.

Shanahan is grateful to Garoppolo for his contribution but suggests it's time to move on now. "We had an awesome run with Jimmy. It was great," said Shanahan. "But when you bring in a salary cap and things like that, there are so many tough decisions that you have to make, and we made [it] a year ago.

And we got to here and I was so happy [with] how Jimmy played last year, that he took us almost to the Super Bowl, got healthy and guys around him played real well."