Tony Romo predicts when will Jimmy Garoppolo get traded

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Tony Romo predicts when will Jimmy Garoppolo get traded

Tony Romo feels Jimmy Garoppolo will soon find a new team as he predicts the San Francisco 49ers quarterback will get traded during the preseason or training camp. The 49ers were expected to part ways with Garoppolo at the start of free agency but then the quarterback underwent a shoulder surgery in early March.

With Garoppolo sidelined and unable to throw for the good part of the offseason, NFL teams have been reluctant to be aggressive in pursuit of the quarterback. "The biggest thing is, he's got to get healthy with his shoulder injury," Romo said on the "Zach Gleb Show" on CBS Sports Radio.

"But, when he gets healthy, you'll see teams coming in. Right now, the Niners I think are just staying pat. Because as soon as a quarterback gets injured in preseason or in camp, something usually happens where someone gets banged up, a little bit.

You'll see that'll be when the value will go up, and the 49ers will get more value than they're getting right now. I think that's when they're going to pull the trigger."

Romo predicts Garoppolo will end up with the Seattle Seahawks

This offseason, Seahawks traded Russell Wilson to the Denver Broncos and now their quaterback room features Drew Lock and Geno Smith.

The 49ers and Seahawks are division rivals but Romo isn't ruling out the possibility of Garoppolo ending up in Seattle. The Seahawks have claimed several times they are happy with what they have in Lock and Smith but the general belief is that neither of the two is the Seahawks' long-term answer at the quarterback position.

"I can see [a Seattle trade]," he said. "But it's usually rare because you'd have to be getting a lot more for that. You know this person knows your team, inside and out, and don't necessarily want someone else in the division to have that kind of information or talent and that ability.

If they view him as a really talented guy but think Trey's just a bit more talented, they probably won't do that and trade him within the division. But if they view him not at that level, then that would be different." The Seahawks were also linked to Baker Mayfield but nothing happened as Mayfield was traded to the Carolina Panthers last week.

It remains to be seen if the Seahawks will pull off a trigger on a trade for Garoppolo before the new season begins.