NFL insider explains why Panthers may not be good fit for Baker Mayfield

The Panthers have been frequently mentioned as a potential landing spot for Mayfield.

by Dzevad Mesic
NFL insider explains why Panthers may not be good fit for Baker Mayfield

NFL insider Mike Sando doubts the Carolina Panthers would be a good fit for Baker Mayfield and he suspects Mayfield's agents are thinking the same. Shortly before the start of free agency, Mayfield penned a goodbye letter to the city of Cleveland and Browns fans.

Nearly four months later, Mayfield is still a Brown even though the Browns have been trying to move him since mid-March. Mayfield is owed $18 million for the next season and teams aren't willing to pay Mayfield that much money in 2022.

The Panthers and Seattle Seahawks are the two teams that have been frequently mentioned as the potential landing spots for Mayfield. Sando thinks the Seahawks would be a much better situation for Mayfield. “I happen to think Carolina’s not a good fit for him and I know Baker’s agents well.

They are very competent people, they’re good people, they understand it too,” Sando of The Athletic said. “I think Carolina’s a hornet’s nest cause I think the coach’s under the gun, I think everybody there’s under the gun.

They’ve got an owner who’s ready to press the button any day now on a reset and if I’m Baker that could be ugly and messy. That’s why I come back to saying Seattle is the one spot for him”.

Robert Griffin on what the Browns should do

With Deshaun Watson facing a possible full-season suspension, the Browns might find themselves in a problem at the quarterback spot.

Since Mayfield hasn't been traded yet, some are wondering if the Browns could turn to Mayfield in case Watson gets suspended. Should that happen, ex-Browns quarterback Griffin thinks the team should try to speak with Mayfield and convince him to play for Cleveland next year.

“I think the Browns should offer the olive branch to Baker and ask him to stay if Deshaun Watson gets suspended for a significant amount of time,” Griffin told Eisen. “Baker’s proven in this city he can go win a playoff game, get you to the playoffs and do all those things.

Last year, he played hurt and wasn’t very effective. The bottom line is Baker Mayfield is better than Jacoby Brissett, that’s just the bottom line. And if you’re going to have to play a full season with a guy, your best option is to go back to Baker Mayfield and beg him to stay”.

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