Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes: We have ability to make plays when they count

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Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes: We have ability to make plays when they count

Kansas City Chiefs Patrick Mahomes thinks one of the best things about his team is that they can make a big play when it matters the most. On Monday Night Football, the Chiefs struggled for nearly the entire three quarters against the New England Patriots before they turned their switch on and won the game 26-10.

With just under a minute to go in the third quarter, the Chiefs scored their first touchdown of the game to take a 13-3 lead. The Patriots then also scored a touchdown, before the Chiefs scored 13 unanswered points to close out the game.

"I think you see with our team, last season with this offense, even if you hold us out, we can go out there and make plays when they count," Mahomes said, per ESPN. "That's big. When you're in games like that, those kind of dog fights and you're going against teams that are really good, whenever your number is called you have to be able to make a play and I thought guys made plays to give us enough points that we can go out there and get the win."

Mahomes delivering early in the season

Mahomes, who signed an extension worth half a billion this past offseason, has been great so far this season and the Chiefs have a 4-0 record. On Monday Night Football, Mahomes wasn't the only player to lead his team to a 4-0 record as Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers did the same.

Rodgers, a two-time NFL MVP, was absolutely outstanding against the Atlanta Falcons as the Packers won 30-16. Rodgers completed 27 of his 33 passes for 327 yards, threw four touchdowns and no interceptions. This Packers team may not be loaded with a huge talent but Rodgers is happy to have what he has.

"Not really; I'd rather have those guys," Rodgers said. "I'd rather have us as healthy as possible but the beauty in this game is that's rarely the case, whether it's guys playing with injuries or guys who can't play because of injuries, and that's just part of the game.

You love the opportunities for those other guys because a lot of them have really earned it, have earned the opportunity to be out there, earned the opportunity to be in position to make plays and you get to learn a lot of about character and ability in those moments."