Trey Smith comments on Tyreek Hill choosing money, leaving Chiefs for Dolphins


Trey Smith comments on Tyreek Hill choosing money, leaving Chiefs for Dolphins

Trey Smith says he understands Tyreek Hill putting money first and choosing the Miami Dolphins over the Kansas City Chiefs. This offseason, Hill was seeking a big extension and the Chiefs weren't willing to give him the money he was asking for.

When it became evident that the two sides were far from reaching an agreement, the Chiefs gave Hill a permission to find a trade partner. The Dolphins made an aggressive offer for Hill and the All-Pro wide received signed there a four-year, $120 million deal.

Smith, the Chiefs' offensive guard, says he cannot blame Hill for choosing to secure himself financially. “Yeah, the coaches are gonna do what they think is best for the organization and for the team. And I can’t blame Tyreek; he’s getting paid,” Smith said, via the Kansas City Star.

“I’ll never blame a guy to get paid but he’s got to do what’s best for him. I’m really excited to see what he does in Miami, wishing him well”.

Smith has no problems with Hill

After Hill left the Chiefs, he seemingly took some shots at his ex-team.

During an appearance on his podcast It Needed To Be Said, Hill said Tua Tagovailoa was more accurate than Patrick Mahomes. Hill was flamed for his comments and he revealed he received death threats for his comments. “I just feel like a lot of people overreacted, man,” Hill said on his podcast It Needed To Be Said.

“A lot of people are just acting emotional. Every social media account I owned, I got death threats on. Which is ridiculous." When Mahomes was asked about the comments Hill made about him, the Chiefs quarterback tried to downplay and simply stated that he still loves and respects his ex-teammate.

"I'm surprised a little just because I feel like we love Tyreek here," Mahomes said, when asked about Hill's comments. "We've always loved him. We still love him. I saw him out at Formula One in Miami. I'm sure it had something to do with trying to get his podcast some stuff and get it rolling.

I still love Tyreek. He's a one-of-a-kind player. In coach [Andy] Reid's offense it takes the whole team. This offense was rolling before I got here. This offense was rolling when I was a young Cowboys fan watching the Eagles [coached by Reid] beat up on the Cowboys. It's an offense that's more than one player, and that includes myself."

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