Bears QB Nick Foles eager to put on great performance against Buccaneers

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Bears QB Nick Foles eager to put on great performance against Buccaneers

Chicago Bears quarterback Nick Foles wasn't particularly thrilled with his Week 4 performance against the Indianapolis Colts. Foles, who was making his first start for the Bears, failed to lead his team to a win as the Indianapolis Colts won 19-11.

"It wasn't the best game. The Indianapolis Colts are a great team, but I didn't execute well enough and we didn't execute well enough," Foles said after the game, per the team's website. "But we will look at it, we'll move on, we'll improve.

It's just part of football." Foles, who came off the bench in Week 3 and led the Bears to a 30-26 comeback win over the Atlanta Falcons -- threw 249 yards against the Colts and had one touchdown and one interception.

"This is part of building those relationships and understanding plays and continuing to grow," Foles noted. "I have to be better. I have to be more crisp. It's as simple as that, and I look forward to improving."

Foles says he has got to be more accurate

Early in the fourth quarter -- while the Bears were 19-3 down -- Foles tried to deliver a pass to Anthony Miller but it was intercepted by Colts safety Julian Blackmon. "I've got to be more accurate," Foles said.

"I've got to help him out. I was trying to lead him out of the break to have him split the safeties and it was probably about six inches too far. That's on me, and that's something that is an easy fix for me.

Obviously [it was] my fault and I'll help 'A-Mill' out and I'll give him a better ball next time so he can make the play." The Bears will host the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Thursday Night Football and Foles is eager to bounce back and deliver a strong performance against the Buccaneers.

"I don't think I've ever played in an undefeated season," Foles said. "Every time you lose, it shows more than wins do. You never want to lose, but that's part of it. I look forward to working with the guys and moving forward.

"It's never easy, but it tests you as a human being. Are you going to let a loss define you as a person? Or, are you going to continue to move on and be there for your teammates? This is a special locker room. I really like this locker room.

It's a locker room that will look at this, will improve, will get better. And we'll get ready to work this week and we'll be ready to play Thursday night."