49ers HC Kyle Shanahan voices belief in Trey Lance

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49ers HC Kyle Shanahan voices belief in Trey Lance

San Francisco 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan says he is confident Trey Lance will show everyone that that he is a talented quarterback and prove that he is indeed the 49ers' long-term answer at the quarterback spot. A year ago, the 49ers traded up in the 2021 NFL draft to select Lance with the third overall pick.

In his rookie season, Lance didn't get much playing time, but in the time he received, he showed flashes of his talent but also raised some questions regarding his accuracy and decision making. "The biggest thing with Trey that people have to realize is he is younger," Shanahan said, via Sports Illustrated.

"He has more horsepower inside of him than I think he even knows of. Just from the whole talent, but also what he's made of, how intelligent he is. I think he's going to be able to overcome adversity. I do believe he's going to handle this pressure.

It's going to be hard -- that's what the position is. And there are only so many people in this world who have the talent to be put in this spot -- there might be 32 of them. But there definitely aren't 32 who have the talent and who have the stuff inside that allows you to handle that position through the ups and downs.

I don't care how good you are, people are going to come after you. You look at people like Peyton Manning who played so much football in his life and what he did his rookie year and how many picks he threw, he was made of the right stuff, and he was able to overcome things."

Shanahan confident in Lance

Lance, who turned 22 last month, is expected to be the 49ers' starting quarterback in 2022.

Lance is still very young and Shanahan acknowledged that the 22-year-old will make mistakes - but it's up to him to learn and grow from them. "But you really don't know until you get your ass kicked, because that's when it starts," Shanahan said of his entire team.

"And you're going to. It might be preseason, it might be Week 1, but it's going to happen, and then we'll know if you can play. How do you come to practice on Wednesday? How do you get in a position where that ain't happening again? Some guys are like, 'How do I avoid that?' The guys on our team have the ability.

Our quarterback has the ability. A lot of guys you don't know about have the ability. We're going to put them through the wringer during the season, then you find if they can do it for the long haul."