Channing Crowder to Cam Newton: Bro, you're 33, you're not one of best QBs anymore

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Channing Crowder to Cam Newton: Bro, you're 33, you're not one of best QBs anymore

Former Miami Dolphins linebacker Channing Crowder has nothing but respect for Cam Newton but made it clear to him he doesn't feel that the 2015 NFL MVP is still a starting quarterback in the NFL. Newton, who spent last season with the Carolina Panthers, is a free agent as teams haven't shown much interest in signing the former NFL MVP.

Appearing on The Pivot Podcast, Newton said who thinks he should be without a team is "damn fool." "If you think I couldn't be on somebody's team right now, you're a damn fool,'' Newton said on The Pivot Podcast. Crowder didn't have a problem with Newton stating that he should be on an NFL team but he didn't agree with Newton when he suggested he's still one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL.

“Cam?” Crowder questioned of the statement’s legitimacy. “You are big as ****. Bro, you are a defensive end playing quarterback. But right now, you are 33 years old. You done got old. [You’re saying] you’re one of the best 32 quarterbacks in the world right now? Cam, I cannot accept that."

Newton explained his situation to Crowder

After Sam Darnold went down injured last year, the Panthers called Newton.

The Newton and Panthers reunion didn't go quite well as Newton was struggling and the Panthers were losing. "I signed on Thursday. I played on Sunday,'' Newton said. "At what point did you think you was going to be successful? The next week, I started.

That's still under 10 days of you being on the team. And you're still trying to learn the offense. So before I sit up here and allow the narrative to be made that Cam ain't got it no more, Cam is taking full responsibility and saying Cam put himself in a f------up situation, which then had a ricochet effect to people thinking [how they think of me].'

' The Panthers decided to move on from Newton after the 2019 season. In his first and lone year with the New England Patriots, Newton didn't enjoy much success as the team finished with a losing record and missed out on the playoffs.

"The New England experience was a f------up situation,'' Newton said. "I was still learning the offense seven to eight weeks into the season, It remains to be seen if Newton will get another chance in the NFL.