Davante Adams reflects on leaving Aaron Rodgers

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Davante Adams reflects on leaving Aaron Rodgers

Las Vegas Raiders wide receiver Davante Adams has confirmed that Aaron Rodgers was definitely aware of his intention to leave the Green Bay Packers. After taking some time to decide his next move, Rodgers decided to sign an extension with the Packers.

The Packers fans were still celebrating Rodgers staying when Adams decided to leave the team and sign with the Raiders. For many years, Adams and Rodgers were one of the most formidable duos in the league. Now, they will have to continue without each other.

"Oh, yeah. We've talked multiple times. We talked throughout the whole process, too, and he was aware of where I stood, and I was aware of where he stood," Adams said, via the NFL website . "We had talks just like what he said the other day.

He mentioned we had talks about his future and what he thinks his duration in Green Bay or just football in general would look like, and that played into my decision, as well. Because where I am in my career -- and this isn't a shot at anybody, any other quarterbacks, in Green Bay, I love Jordan Love especially, he's a great guy -- I got aspirations of doing really, really big things and being remembered, and it just wasn't really a point in my career that I was willing to sacrifice Aaron not being there after a year or two."

Adams: Rodgers was aware and respected my decision

Adams grew up a Raiders fan and his dream was to play for the Raiders.

When the Raiders showed big interest in Adams, it was an easy decision for him to head to Sin City. "So my decision was to be here, and he respected that, he understood that it has a lot to do with where I want to raise my kids, family, being closer to home.

We've had a lot of good talks, man. He understands where I'm coming from, I understood where he was coming from, so we kind of just left it at that," Adams added. Adams has now reunited with his college quarterback Derek Carr.

Tough to say that Carr is on Rodgers' level but Adams is confident his new quarterback can do a great job as well. "As far as talent and ability, it's really similar, if I'm keeping it real," Adams said.

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