Cam Newton on time with Patriots: It was f----- up situation

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Cam Newton on time with Patriots: It was f----- up situation

2015 NFL MVP Cam Newton keeps insisting he is still one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL and stated that he put himself in a "f---ed up" position when he signed with the Carolina Panthers last season. "I signed on Thursday.

I played on Sunday,'' Newton said on "The Pivot Podcast" "At what point did you think you was going to be successful? The next week, I started. That's still under 10 days of you being on the team. And you're still trying to learn the offense.

So before I sit up here and allow the narrative to be made that Cam ain't got it no more, Cam is taking full responsibility and saying Cam put himself in a f---ed-up situation, which then had a ricochet effect to people thinking [how they think of me].'


In November, Panthers starting quarterback Sam Darnold got injured and the Panthers signed Newton.

In his first game for the Panthers last season, he led the Panthers to an upset win over over the Arizona Cardinals.

In the next five games, Newton collected five starts and went 0-5. After the 2021 season ended, the Panthers refused to offer a deal to Newton. Newton is still without a team but the Panthers have left the door open for possibly signing Newton for 2022.

Newton: I should be on a team

"If you think I couldn't be on somebody's team right now, you're a damn fool,'' Newton said. Before Newton reunited with the Panthers, he spent one full season with the New England Patriots.

During the 2021 preaseason, the Patriots decided to cut Newton and name rookie quarterback Mac Jones as the starter. "The New England experience was a f---ed-up situation,'' Newton said. "I was still learning the offense seven to eight weeks into the season,'' Reflecting on his time with the Patriots, Newton admitted to battling self doubts.

"It was just brain overload,'' Newton said of his 2020 season. "It was times I was going to the line and I'm still thinking. Did I know it? Yes. To the degree that I needed to know it to show the world that I'm still Cam Newton? No.

But I put myself in that situation.' ' Some think that Newton is a negative locker room presence but the 2015 NFL MVP is happy with what he brings to the table. "Because they do know once you bring a Cam Newton into your organization it's going to be a mantra to itself.

'Put Cam in! Put Cam in!''' Newton said. "But you can never find a coach, you can never find a player, you can never find a person in the office that says Cam was a cancer. Now, am I supposed to apologize for my impact being as big as it is? Absolutely not.' '