Jalen Hurts: I can't even imagine my little cousins or sister not coming home

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Jalen Hurts: I can't even imagine my little cousins or sister not coming home

Jalen Hurts is hurt by the recent mass shootings in the United States as he has admitted that he can't even imagine losing someone from his loved ones. Two weeks ago, 18-year-old Salvador Ramos opened fire at the Robb Elementary School in Texas and killed 21.

"When I sit back and think about what happened in Buffalo, Uvalde, Tulsa -- whether it's a grocery store, a hospital, elementary school -- that's no place for fear," Hurts told reporters, via CBS Sports.

"I can't even imagine my little cousins not coming home from school, my little sister not coming home from school, my dad not coming home from work. Everybody is impacted by it one way or another. Everyone sitting here may have kids, someone they love.

(All action) matters, whether that be just spreading love, appreciating what you have, but ultimately getting this artillery off the streets and making true change."

Hurts wants to see positive changes

Hurts, who is considerd as the Eagles' long-term answer at the quarterback position, wants to use his platform to try to bring awaraness and hopefully ignite positive changes.

"I think it's my duty (to speak on it)," Hurts continued. "It's the least that I can do. The least I can do is to try to bring awareness to it. It starts with every one of us and everybody has their own unique way that they can make change but ultimately what are you doing to try to make the right things to be done? It's gotta change.

Something's gotta change." Meanwhile, Hurts will have two big weapons in 2022 - A.J. Brown and DeVonta Smith. Brown, who was acquired via a trade this offseason, praised Smith by calling him a wide receiver No. 1. "In my opinion, Smitty is a wide receiver No.

1," Brown said. "And he going against a cornerback No. 2, I expect Smitty to dominate. Just taking pressure off each other. Even being on the same sides, so you can't really double. It's great having another great wideout besides you."

Smith didn't have a really impressive rookie season but Brown is confident he could develop into one of the best wideouts in the league. "He's a really good route runner," Brown said of Smith. "Guys early on in their career, like first year, Year 2, they're still developing and he can run every route in the route tree.

Just a little [nuances], little things that, of course, that we all can get better at. And just keep tuning up our game and keep developing. I think the sky's the limit for Smitty. So, I'm excited for him Year 2. I'm excited for the steps he takes."